Data Warehouse Assessment

Developing and operating the Data-Warehouse represents a significant investment. One of the consulting services provided by InfoKarta (InfoKarta) is the DW Assessment which is designed for companies that have data-warehousing projects underway and are managing an on-going data-warehousing environment. InfoKarta structures this process to quickly help its clients recognize significant architectural, functional and performance issues, strengths, and opportunities for improvement, and to provide them with actionable recommendations that leverage the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses and risks. The assessment can be steered to focus on particular areas that the customer is interested in. Our methodology provides a broad collection of such topics that a typical assessment touches on. Assessments are typically completed in four to six weeks, and can lead to a pilot project. They may include an internal quality assurance review by another InfoKarta consultant or affiliate. Each assessment consists of information gathering, analysis, presentation, and knowledge transfer.

  • Initial Information gathering is typically accomplished through a combination of documentation reviews, interviews, and hands-on guided system capability and architecture explorations.
  • Analysis is performed off-site by examining the information collected and relating it to best practices.
  • Supplemental Information Exchange is intended to clarify questions arising during the analysis phase, and to provide a two-way exchange of ideas on key findings, opportunities and alternatives.
  • Final Presentation is accomplished through the delivery of a findings and recommendations document and formal or informal presentations.
  • Knowledge transfer is accomplished through the interaction of InfoKarta’s consultants with company personnel.