Michael Kamfonas

For over 25 years, Mr. Kamfonas has been playing a leading role in designing and developing strategic systems for Fortune 100 businesses and government. From pioneering headline-makers, to lower profile decision support and back-office robust implementations and integration projects, he repeatedly set architectural vision, designed highly functional solutions and mentored teams in methods that pushed the envelope of common practice. He operated in diverse technology environments such as GE - Lockheed Martin, SIAC/NYSE, Morgan Stanley, Freddie Mac, Ernst & Young, The Home Depot, Food Lion and First Data Corporation.

He combines extensive background with practical experience in modeling and design of data-warehouses, VLDB, parallel and distributed architectures, as well as software automation. His rich experience, hands-on approach and unrelenting commitment make him a highly valued contributor of any project, quickly earning credibility and respect of peers, subordinates and managers alike. He is flexible and multifaceted and adapts to support the project needs as the designer, the mentor, the go-to person, the modeler, the application DBA, the SQL expert, but also as the architect, the adviser, the technologist, the inventor or the roll-up-your-sleeves downright developer. The productivity and automation tools he brings along have saved customers millions of dollars, with tangible quality and productivity benefits. His financial products, many in the multi-terabyte range on DB2/DPF and Unix, serve critical needs such as client-facing financial reporting, EDW analytics or daily P&L. He also contributes periodically to technology evaluations, strategic initiatives, data warehouse renovation studies,high performance low latency systems, provisioning architecture, code generation and automation.

In retail, he designed and implemented parts of the enterprise decision support architecture of a top-5 US retailer, including a multi-billion row data warehouse and marts. He helped other retail customers to expand existing systems, improving data models, addressing performance issues, automating database script development and implementing aggregations. He served in SIAC’s New Architecture Initiative (NAI) for the NYSE, advising on database technology selection and design around high performance low latency reliable messaging infrastructure, as well as canonical message and data administration standards development.

He was the chief architect of the early Citibank Credit Card data warehouse, one of the largest multi-terabyte MPP implementations of its time. Prior to this, in the early 90s, he led the architecture and part of the design of a $50MM cost management system for GE-Aerospace (currently Lockheed Martin), the first design that implemented his Versioned Dimensional Model. He designed various systems in Lockheed Martin and GE Aerospace, including a cost management system, HR and benefits systems and various logistic database systems. He is currently president of InfoKarta Inc. investing in the development of large high performance quickly deployable analytical databases. He served as Chief Architect and Director of Data Warehouse Technology for Lockheed Martin’s IS&T/NE. He directed internal R&D, towards the deployment of model-driven high performance parallel data cleansing, transformation and loading technology. He developed the Versioned Dimensional Model (VDM) for analytical databases, which address the temporal correctness of historical dimensional databases and enhances conventional star-schema variants and methodologies. He has developed techniques and algorithms for very large multi-level cubes with interactive response time and high availability, distinct count capability, very large differential balance retention, and metadata-driven code generation. He published several articles and presents in conferences in the US and Europe. He is currently spending most of his time consulting in the areas of data warehousing, performance engineering and dimensional modeling for large customers in the East Coast. He has been consulting independently since 1998.