Versioned Dimensional Model (VDM)

“The Versioned Dimensional Model” (VDM) originated in 1991, before dimensional modeling was publicized by Kimball. The earliest publications (1992) were in the Relational Journal (Codd and Date’s Relational Institute) and later through the 90s in trade magazines and presented in conferences. Since 2000 various white papers and reports have been only available to existing and prospective customers upon request.

VDM is a selective record and a renewable notebook about design practices. It is selective in that it addresses specific areas and problems rather than a comprehensive tutorial. It is renewable in that its methods are periodically revisited and adapted to address technology enhancements or refined design approaches. Additionally, VDM architecture is characterized by a conservative philosophy rooted in these principles and factors.

A last point: Dimensional design is widely accepted for decision support and analytical applications; however these techniques lend themselves also to operational systems such as financial ledgers, P & L books, inventory management and many others.

VDM Access: