Partners and Associates

Di Guo

Di has been in application development for about 20 years, starting as a design engineer for a software flight simulation system. For the last 15 years he expanded in large scale data intensive information systems. He architected, designed and developed large business intelligence applications for some of the biggest financial, retail and telecommunication companies. He has led the development of parallel ETL applications and has extensive experience in the configuration and tuning of Unix systems (OS, database and storage) for large data warehousing projects. He advised company executives and mentored other staff on various technology advances and practices. He initiated new applications and practices to improve efficiencies of information integration. He also architected and designed an event streaming technology for an RFID middleware prototype. On numerous occasions, his deep technical understanding of software and hardware products made him a top choice to lead implementation and troubleshooting efforts. He has engaged in short term consulting services to provide solutions to client’s emergent performance and design issues. Recently he has been implementing large complex systems based on UNIX, JAVA, C/C++, Oracle, DB2, EMC Symmetrix, IBM Storage, Datastage, and Ab Initio. He collaborated with Michael Kamfonas at various projects since 1995.