Operational Setup

In order to facilitate the easy management of files we propose one of two methods of setting up the environment.
Moving Files Through Directories
Under this approach, files are moved into a landing directory. When the files are ready for processing, they are moved again to a directory that is monitored by demon processes which recognize the file, chose the correct channel the file should be processed in and invoke the vdmetl command to process it. After the processing is complete, the file is moved to a "check" directory and from there to the archive.
Tracking File State with No Physical Movement
Under this approach the file is moved into a permanent location determined by naming conventions and timing. At the same time a log entry is made into the VDM status table and a run-group is created. Every subsequent action about the file is triggered through a state transition graph custom designed for each particular installation. Changes of state of the file are not reflected by what directory the file resides in but by the "state" of the file in this status table.
VDM Access: