vdmgen - Code Generator

vdmgen is a code generator based on the same principle as vdmiter, however it is intended to generate code libraries from manifests and templates, not to execute generated code on the fly. Various versions of this script exist and others can be customized, focused on more specialized and typically more complex tasks. Here are some examples of its functionality:

  • Generates DDL and DML for system or user-maintained MQTs (MQTGEN.) Coupled with the VDM Aggregation Strategy, a minimal set of optimal MQTs can be defined, generated and maintained.
  • Allows expansion of cascading templates that can be "macro-included" in other templates.
  • Handles structured comments as well as variable substitution
  • Two-tier generation for base object and derived objects (base tables and their MQTs)
  • Variations of the mechanism generate non-SQL scripts, e.g. awk that can handle simple ETL functionality
  • Generated code is versioned and stored in a standard location so it can be called from other programs or scripts.
VDM Access: