VDM/ETL services

VDM ETL Services are provided in three stages:

Architecture and Setup

Assess the appropriateness, architecture, capacity and cost for VDM/ETL and non-VDM ETL provisioning. The run-time environment is installed at the customer site and integrated with development, QA and production configurations. The sourcing strategy and technology is reviewed and a plan for data provisioning is agreed. The necessary infrastructure and naming conventions to receive,land and manage source files or continuous streams is established. Education on the interaction and the use of Mapping templates ensures effective customer/developer communication.

Parser Development

Each Fact data feed is handled as an independent small project. Provisioning Analyst provides source structure and source-target mapping information using standard templates. ETL/VDM engineers deliver the parser which executes the transformation and load activities utilizing the run-time.

Parser Maintenance

This is the process of handling changes or additions to the source feed structure or content. This can be triggered by a notification of an upstream change or by a periodic check. Model changes on the database side are also triggering such changes. Modifications to the mapping documents are agreed and new parsers are generated.

VDM Access: